Giulia Gentiluomo

Neptune Travel has closed but the top level of service you would expect from Neptune continues with me.

Whether you’re planning an annual break, a bucket list holiday or your next business trip, as a personal travel manager I will make it a wonderful experience. Having over 10 years travel experience at Neptune Travel, I will take care of all your travel arrangements and provide that insider information to save you time and create a trip that is tailored just for you.

Part of the House of Travel Group, TravelManagers Australia Pty Ltd has 500 home-based personal travel managers across Australia. Since first opening in New Zealand in 1986 and its arrival in Australia in 2007, House of Travel has grown into one of Australia's largest independent travel companies.

This means that not only do I have access to amazing travel deals, but my customers are provided with the security that their money is secure through the booking process.

Phone 0410 571 283